CitSci Helvetia 2021


Citizen Science (CS), the production of scientific knowledge outside of traditional scientific institutions, has found fertile ground in Switzerland. In recent years, practitioners have taken full advantage of the wide spectrum of opportunities provided by collaborative approaches, with projects spanning scientific domains, social issues, and geographical boundaries. Whether organized by academic institutions, done in school contexts or organized as a grassroots movement, Citizen Science in Switzerland has contributed both to the country’s scientific output and to reviving research at the interface of science and society.

The aim of CitSci Helvetia 2021, the first Swiss Citizen Science conference, is to bring together communities of practitioners in order to discover and connect the different traditions of Citizen Science in Switzerland. The goal is to celebrate this diversity as a significant contributor to the co-production of knowledge for a better future, and to provide a space to explore, share and develop new ideas and practices for Swiss participatory research.

We invited ideas from all actors in the Swiss Citizen Science community!

Concerning the topics of the sessions, we suggested the following areas:

  • Discovering the Swiss Citizen Science landscape
  • Values in Citizen Science (including inclusivity, sustainability, and more …)
  • Epistemologies and Ontologies in Citizen Science
  • Learning and education in/through Citizen Science
  • Infrastructures and tools for Citizen Science

In light of this, we invited participants to contribute ideas in different kinds of formats, including (but not limited to):

  • Short talk (up to 10 minutes – ideally as part of a workshop).
  • Workshop (75-90 minutes – please explain your interactive method)
  • “Markt der Möglichkeiten” (e.g. posters, videos, objects, experiments etc.)
  • Performance

The Markt der Möglichkeiten is a marketplace for sharing the key message of your idea, method or approach based on one or more conference topics. The “Markt der Möglichkeiten” (engl. “market of possibilities”) is a web gallery that will allow for digital submissions. Contributions can be proposed in the form of images, videos, audios, and any other form of digital content.
Conference languages were German and French. Ideas could be submitted in these languages and also English.