Public lecture series: Citizen Science – Potential for Transformative Science

Together with the Citizen Science Center Zurich, we offered a series of lectures («Ringvorlesung») during this autumn semester. Under the title Citizen Science – potentials for transformative science, we covered the possibilities and challenges of Citizen Science.

All the lectures' video recordings are uploaded and ready to be watched here. Several lectures were held in english, attachd below.


Citizen Science and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (EN)

The European Citizen Science Association was first proposed in 2012 to coordinate and promote the development of citizen science in Europe. Since that date the growth of citizen science has been spectacular. Policy makers have slowly recognised citizen science as a powerful tool to support policy development and implementation. Citizen Science has been enshrined in law in the US and this year was recognised in the Ministerial Declaration at the Fourth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly. This lecture will consider the growing role of citizen science in the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges and opportunities this will present to the citizen science community.

Speaker: Martin Brocklehurst, European Citizen Science Association, Berlin, Citizen Science Global Partnership
Discussant: Rosy Mondardini, Universität and ETH Zürich, Citizen Science Center Zürich
Language: English


Mainstreaming of Citizen Science in Europe and within the swissuniversities strategy: Quo vadis? (EN)

swissuniversities is establishing a new strategy on Open Science. Inspired by the European Open Science Strategy itself, this national strategy is going to set the foundations for the National Open Science Action Plan 2021-2024, including the continuation of the “Scientific Information” program 2017-2020. This Action Plan will integrate a dedicated action line on Citizen Science. More details about this action line are currently in development, in close collaboration with the Citizen Science Center Zurich and Science & Cité, and will be further detailed during this talk, as well as connected action lines which will contribute as well to strengthen the science and society dialogue and to foster trust in science as well.

Referent: Dr. Patrick Furrer, swissuniversities, Bern, Programm Wissenschaftliche Information
Diskutantin: Dr. Mike Martin, Universität Zürich, Institut für Psychologie
Sprache: Englisch


Citizen Science in Zurich (EN)

We have reached the 10th and final lecture and want now to look back on inputs and discussions that evolved around the potential for transformative science through citizen science. Zürich has seen a lot of activity in the recent years, spearheaded by initiatives of the University of Zürich and ETH, in cooperation with their local, national and international partners. An outlook on these activities and futures challenges will be discussed by Rosy Mondarini and Susanne Tönsmann, managing directors of the Citizen Science Center Zürich and the Participatory Science Academy.

Referent: Rosy Mondardini, University and ETH Zürich, Managing Director Citizen Science Center Zürich
Diskutantin: Dr. Susanne Tönsmann, University uand ETH Zürich, Managing Director Participatory Science Academy
Sprache: Englisch