Petra Biberhofer

Petra Biberhofer, PhD

Angebotsentwicklung und Koordination

Development and Coordination of Services

Phone: +41 44 63 44924

Address: Kurvenstrasse 17, 8006 Zürich


I studied political science and communication science at the University of Vienna in Austria and Uppsala University in Sweden. I completed my PhD in Economics and Social Sciences in 2019 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. As a research and teaching associate, I worked at the Vienna University of Economics and Business since 2012 at the Regional Center for Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Vienna. Among other things, I coordinated the European knowledge alliance CASE and the inter- and transdisciplinary course Sustainability Challenge. My work and research interests are concerned with the promotion of learning processes through transdisciplinary learning platforms at the interface between science and society. The focus of my dissertation was on higher education for sustainable development and how transformative education can be promoted by means of competence-based teaching and learning processes.

By working for the Participatory Science Academy, two of my core interests can be linked: the development of competence-oriented learning spaces and the promotion of innovative cooperation opportunities between citizens and researchers.