Advisory Board

The Participatory Science Academy’s advisory board, deployed by the board of directors, accompanies developments and advises the board of directors on the strategic orientation and organisational development. The members of the advisory board have longstanding national and international experience in citizen science and participatory research, remain in office for 4 years and gather once a year.

Members of the Advisory Board:

1. Erica Benz-Steffen

2. Dr. Mirko Bischofberger

3. Dr. Christian Casparis

4. Nicole Graf

5. Prof. Dr. Muki Haklay

6. Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Wyler

7. Prof. em. Dr. Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello

8. Tiina Stämpfli

9. Prof. Dr. Bruno Strasser

10. Dr. Katrin Vohland