Our Network

The primary target group of our work are UZH and ETHZ researchers and citizens of Zürich and its proximities, whereas our network expands beyond Zürich's and even Switzerland's borders.

Below, we present the regional, national and international partner organisations of the Participatory Science Academy.

In Zürich

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Digital Society Initiative

The University of Zürich's competence centre for digitalization and digital development.



Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren

From the neighbourhoods' different interests arise different ideas for participatory research projects. Together we connect people, offer an open programme and envision mutual learning and shared research as an important form of social participation and co-determination in Zurich.


Volkshochschule Zürich

General education for adults in the university sector, foreign languages, design, movement, communication; in the centre of Zurich. A broad spectrum of lecture series, courses and seminars on almost all fields of knowledge. No access barriers, registration obligatory.



Schweiz forscht

Schweiz forscht is Switzerland's platform for Citizen Science. We are in regular contact with the office of Schweiz forscht, part in network meetings and work together to raise awareness for Citizen Science within the Swiss landscape of higher education and the civil society. Schweiz forscht is also represented on the advisory board of the Participatory Science Academy.



Alte Anatomie - Forum für Medizin & Gesellschaft 

As a forum for medicine & society, Alte Anatome puts individuals and their experience in the centre of discussions over health topics. The forum's initiators are the University Hospital Zürich, the University of Zürich and the ETH. It is open to all.



The working group aims to intensify cooperation among German-speaking countries, to use and foster commonalities, to exchange best practice and to establish effective ways of (informal) exchange. We strive for a trilateral project consortium, strong international presence and synergies, and close cooperation in general. Moreover, the concern is to further develop CS in German-speaking countries in terms of content and quality and to identify and set priorities jointly.



EAWAG Cluster: ITD

Cluster: ITD (Inter- und Transdisciplinary Research) is part of Eawag – the ETH Domain's water research institute.



Open Mind Institute (OMI)

The OMI aims to promote the exchange between science and the public. It focuses on the communication and understanding of scientific thinking and scientific knowledge, as well as collaboration and co-creation within the field of education and research. The PSA and the OMI are open for exchange and cooperation in the field of Citizen Science, participatory research, and Open Science.

Science Lab


Science Lab UZH

Science Lab UZH is a program of the Faculty of Science with the aim of fostering the interest of teenagers and young adults in natural sciences. Science Lab UZH provides a modern and future oriented impression of natural sciences and promotes interdisciplinary skills through interactive and cross-disciplinary workshops.



WWU Münster

WWU Münster in Germany is one of the most active universities within Citizen Science in German-speaking areas. We are partners with the Innovation Office since 2018, also within the D-A-CH AG."