Research Design for Participatory Citizen Science

This workshop provides an overview of features and basic frameworks for designing participatory Citizen Science research processes.
We introduce and discuss a common framework (phases, principles, involved actors) and variations for participatory research design. We will also reflect on commonalities and differences to (disciplinary) research processes attendees are familiar with. Based on this, participants can generate first ideas on how to implement the research design within their research project or idea. 
In addition to short theoretical inputs, interactive exercises and plenary discussions allow for a multi-layered engagement with research design. Participants' application contexts will be integrated into the workshop and may include research projects, participatory decision-making processes and policy development and implementation. 

In addition, we advise registering for the  advanced module on process facilitation which serves as a complementary module.

Learning objectives 


  • know the central features of designing participatory Citizen Science research processes also in comparison to disciplinary research.
  • know basic frameworks (phases, priniciples etc.) and variations for designing a research project. 
  • generate initial ideas on how to implement/adapt the research design within their concrete project or project idea.


Dr. sc. ETHZ Ruth Förster, dr. ruth förster - training & beratung, Referentin ETHZ, Hochschule Luzern u.a., LinkedIn

Target participants

The course invites participants from all disciplines and fields of work: 

  • PhD students and post-docs already involved in a participatory research process, who will be and/or who want to learn more about Citizen Science and participatory research processes
  • Project leaders (citizens and researchers) of Citizen Science projects or participatory research projects
Language English
Duration 4 hours

Tue, 22.11.2022, 13:30 - 17:30

Registration Registration closed
Locations University of Zurich, RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich


1 ECTS credit for visiting the basis module and 3 advanced modules or more

Course fee 50.- CHF
Participation for PhD students is free of charge