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Inter- and Transdisciplinary Integration

Meeting pressing environmental and societal challenges of our time requires inter- and transdisciplinary (ITD) research that formulates “socially robust” responses by crossing boundaries of not only different scientific disciplines but also research, policy, and practice. Integration across the boundaries of different disciplines (interdisciplinary integration) as well as across research, policy and practice (transdiciplinary integration) is widely regarded as the key challenge of ITD research. As such, it shares many similarities with Citizen Science where encounters between actors with diverse backgrounds and perspectives require systematic and accountable ways of respectful exchange.
Therefore, integration across boundaries is critical to the success or failure of both ITD and Citizen Science projects. Drawing on case studies, participants will explore concepts, methods and tools of integration in a hands-on experimental setting and reflect on researchers’ roles in integration processes across multiple boundaries.

Learning objectives 


  • know different forms of inter- and transdisciplinary integration
  • understand the benefits and challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary integration and how they apply to the field of Citizen Science
  • reflect on the role(s) researchers play in inter- and transdisciplinary integration processes
  • know where to find tools for inter- and transdisciplinary integration and have applied some of them


Dr. Sabine Hoffmann (ETH), Prof. Dr. Christian Pohl (ETH), Dr. Sibylle Studer (td-net)

Target participants

The course invites participants from all disciplines and fields of work: 

  • PhD students and post-docs already involved in a participatory research process, who will be and/or who want to learn more about Citizen Science and participatory research processes
  • Project leaders (citizens and researchers) of Citizen Science projects or participatory research projects
Language English
Duration 4 hours

Tue, 31.1.2023, 9.00 - 13.00

Registration Registration closed
Attendance of the basis module is a prerequisite for attending the advanced modules
Locations University of Zurich, RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich


1 ECTS credit for visiting the basis module and 3 advanced modules or more

Course fee 50.- CHF
Participation for PhD students is free of charge