Impact-oriented Planning of Citizen Science Projects

How do I achieve impact with my Citizen Science project? In this course, impact-oriented planning steps are demonstrated using examples of Citizen Science projects. The participants transfer the input step-by-step to their own projects. This provides participants with a logical project model, allowing them to plan, implement, and evaluate their projects effectively.

Learning objectives  Participants
  • recognise the benefits of a logic model for project planning and implementation and are motivated to use it
  • can structure their project objectives and goals according to the levels of a logic model
  • understand the importance of precise target group differentiation and can implement it
  • can plausibly derive cause-effect relationships per target group and translate them into their logic model
  • can determine effective project activities based on their reflections on the cause-effect relationships


Dr. Annette Jenny, ZHAW

Target participants

The course invites participants from all disciplines and fields of work: 

  • PhD students and post-docs already involved in a participatory research process, who will be and/or who want to learn more about Citizen Science and participatory research processes
  • Project leaders (citizens and researchers) of Citizen Science projects or participatory research projects
Language English
Duration 4 hours


New date: Tue, 24.01.2023, 13:30 - 17:30

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Attendance of the basis module is a prerequisite for attending the advanced modules
Location University of Zurich, RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich


1 ECTS credit for visiting the basis module and 3 advanced modules or more

Course fee 50.- CHF
Participation for PhD students is free of charge