Community Management

If you think you can set up and plan your Citizen Science project on your own, think again! To find people collaborating with you in a project, you need to know who they are before you start planning too many other project details. Who are the actors and organizations you need to make your project successful? What are their interests? How can you reach them? And how do you set up a project that takes different interests into account? If you can answer all these questions, there is a good chance you will find enough citizen scientists collaborating with you.
In this workshop, we are going to use an example of a Citizen Science project and work through a checklist you can later use for your own projects.

Learning objectives 

Participants know how to

  • set up a stakeholder analysis
  • identify your collaborator’s interests
  • catch potential collaborators' attention
  • offer different levels of participation
  • make people stay with you


Pia Viviani, catta GmbH

Target participants

The course invites participants from all disciplines and fields of work: 

  • PhD students and post-docs already involved in a participatory research process, who will be and/or who want to learn more about Citizen Science and participatory research processes
  • Project leaders (citizens and researchers) of Citizen Science projects or participatory research projects
Language English
Duration 4 hours

Mon, 12.12.2022, 9.00 - 13.00

Registration Registration closed
Locations University of Zurich, RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich


1 ECTS credit for visiting the basis module and 3 advanced modules or more

Course fee 50.- CHF
Participation for PhD students is free of charge